Ruby on Rails

environmentalist 0.2.3 released -- supports rails 2.3.2

Just a heads up that I've released environmentalist 0.2.3. You can update with:

  sudo gem install environmentalist

The only substantial change in this release is that we moved the loading of postboot.rb to the bottom of the boot.rb file as opposed to the top of config/environment.rb. This was necessary because common db rake tasks like db:create and db:drop stopped loading the environment in 2.3.2.

As a recap, environmentalist provides an executable that converts a rails app's config structure. The basic idea is that environments themselves are now first-class citizens, allowing you to create several environments (e.g. staging, prodtest, demo, etc.) in a clean, organized fashion. Each environment is given its own folder where it can store its own set of configuration files (think mongrel configs, apache configs, etc.) without polluting the top-level config/ directory.