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RubyConf 2012: Links to Follow Up On

RubyConf many Links!
At RubyConf, there's so much more to dig into after every session. From apps, to people, to blog posts, I started to keep tracks of links I'd like to follow up on after the conference. I thought I'd share them here, for everyone's reference. I'm updating from the conference, as quickly as I can manage.

Please feel free to comment if you'd like to add a link to the list.

From Day 1:

Rubinius : Use Ruby™
odrk-http-client/perf/bm.rb at master · asakusarb/odrk-http-client
Ruby HTTP clients features 2012nahi/httpclient
Refinements in Ruby — Timeless
Librato Metrics
Home | Metrics
Operational Intelligence, Log Management, Application Management, Enterprise Security and Compliance | Splunk
amatsuda/rspec-refinements · GitHub
Code Climate. Hosted static analysis for Ruby source code.
RubySpec: The Standard You Trust™
Jesse Storimer


From Day 2 :

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | The dRuby Book
Improve your Code Quality at RubyConf 2012
Celluloid: Actor-based Concurrent Objects for Ruby
Ruby, Rails, DCI and OOP. Don't just make abstractions, write clean, intention-revealing Ruby. Clean Ruby by Jim Gay teaches about OOP, DCI, and more!
Ruby Under a Microscope - Pat Shaughnessy
Unlimited Novelty
tdiary (tDiary)
T by sferik
Schneems • UT on Rails
Resque Triage


From Day 3:

Videos - WindyCityRails
Gosu, 2D game development library
Sikuli Script - Home

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